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making your own coasters May 1, 2007

Is much harder than I thought it would be. When I looked into how people were making them, they seemed to be sticking a picture to cork and putting a sealer on it. But they looked crap. So I decided to put a piece of wood between the picture and the cork. Which looks much better but you have to get all the sides level and smooth which requires a huge arse saw. But you can’t touch the picture with the saw or it gets shredded. Then to find a suitable sealer so they’re waterproof. You can’t use one that requires a brush or you get brush marks left on it. Have tried a gloss lacquer that took the colour out and a krylon finish that left bubbles on it. I think I’ll go with the krylon crystal clear. Although it does have a sticker on it saying that – in the state of california it has been known to cause cancer, birth defects and other abnormalities. So I guess it’s lucky that I’ve finished having kids and I don’t live in california. I’ve left a couple with the smash repair place and next time they spray a car they’re going to give them a blast to see how they look. If I was a quitter I’d have quit about a week ago.

Anyway I found this guy amongst the matches and I’ve turned him into a magnet and hopefully a coaster. Good old Bob. Wonder if he’s still around.



2 Responses to “making your own coasters”

  1. chezzag Says:

    So how are you coasting?


  2. panthergirl Says:

    with great difficulty and pig headedness

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